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Institutional Trust took part in Deoghar Exhibition

  • Bhola Institutional Trust took part in Deoghar Exhibition & Job Mela which was held from 2nd to 5th April, 2017 at Deoghar College and represented Handicraft & Carpet Sector Skill Council.
  • Our Trainer Mr. Guru Pad Mahli and Mr. Anand Mahli who were preparing base for basket making.
  • Bhola Institutional Trust Secretary with Handicraft & Carpet Sector Skill Council CEO & GM at Exhibition.
  • Our centre for the Telecom sector by BHOLA INSTITUTIONAL TRUST was started at Chhotamuri & ITKI to improvise youth in the field of Telecom sector as well Handicraft Sector. This was done in the month of March, 2016 to spread the knowledge and skill to youth in these sector.
  • Assessment is going on at BIT SKILL TRAINING CENTRE, CHHOTAMURI for the Telecom Sector ESDM project.