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Soft Skills

Many training centre’s work as third party on someone behalf that is always risky in terms of payment and fulfilling other promises, it is always better to work directly by getting registered with concern organization but it is a tedious task to get registered with such bodies

We help our client in getting registered with different govt. bodies and enabling them to conduct the skill development programs on their own. We have developed a great reputation in delivering qualitative service with full honesty and integrity.

Our Trust has a Network of 500+ institutional associates spread across all India. We have been offering Skill Development courses of Sector Councils in all States in India. We are planning for our own universities. We are an affiliated Training Partner of NSDC for the following Sector Skill Councils:

  1. Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council
  2. Telecom Sector Skills Council
  3. Healthcare Sector Skill Council
  4. Automotive Sector Skill Council
  5. Retailers Association's Skill Council of India
  6. Agricultural Sector Skill Council
  7. Indian Plumbing Skill Council
  8. Apparel Made ups & Home Furnishing
  9. Construction Skill Council of India
  10. Furniture and Fittings Skill Council
  11. Handicrafts & Carpet Sector Skill Council
  12. IT & ITes Sector Skill Council
  13. Rubber Skill Development Council
  14. Sports Sector Skill Council
  15. Skill Council by Mining Sector
  18. MANAS
  19. MSJE
  20. PMKVY
  21. ESDM
  22. NSFDC
  23. NBCFDC
  24. MEPSC

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